Little Barrie

Ten years to the day from when I last tried

Ten years to the day from when I last tried to see Little Barrie and they played in Torquay. Yes, Torquay, of all places, in the rather recently opened Attic, opposite the sad sight of the closed and boarded up Trents.

Perhaps best known for the theme tune to Better Call Saul, Little Barrie are named after guitarist/vocalist Barrie Cadogan. But the band isn’t Cadogan’s solo project (which is The Cobra Lamps), as he’s backed by Lewis Wharton (bass & vocals) and Virgil Howe (drums & vocals). Starting as a soul, funk and rhythm and blues influenced band, later albums have moved the band into surf rock, garage rock and psychedelic territory.

Whilst I was hoping to hear ‘Pin That Badge’, ‘Why Don’t You Do It’, ‘Pay to Join’, ‘Burned Out’ or ‘Long Hair’, the selection of songs from King of the Waves, Shadow and new album Death Express got the room dancing.

Credit for that should also be given to local support acts The Kedellas, Red Right Hand (who performed a great version of ‘King Bee’ and segued from The White Stripes‘s ‘Let’s Build a Home’ into Jay-Z‘s ’99 Problems’) and Taxi Talk.

Little Barrie

The Kedellas

Red Right Hand

Taxi Talk

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