Trick or Treat?


Le Chat Noir played a 2 set Halloween show at the Olive Branch in Barnstaple, last night. FreakbyWire had to pull out, otherwise three bands would have played, with Johnny Moorview and The Heart Attacks being the third band.

Being Halloween, of course there was an attempt to get people to dress up, but the majority of those “dressed up”, save a few Ghostbusters, Bananaman and the undead, wore witches hats or put a little bit of make up on. But not everyone, including myself dressed up.

Le Chat Noir

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  1. Teddy says:

    Great pics, but some of the links are broken – some just never load up when you click, I put a few of the jpg links in manually and some are there but others are missing. Please can you e-mail me the set? 🙂


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