Band in Need

As you may or may not know, Le Chat Noir van was broken into on their recent tour of Italy, with their equipment being stolen.

If you’re in Italy or know someone who is, perhaps you could check out this list of missing items and if you see any, get in contact with Le Chat Noir on MySpace or by email.

Dipinto Mach IV Guitar, candy red with white racing stripes, altered pickup in bridge position.

X2 Digital Wireless system

Boss Blues Driver, Mohomods sticker, green LED

MXR Micro Amp

Diago Powerstation, UK plug

Electroharmonix POG, dirty, US adapter, CD tray stuck over knobs to prevent dust

Ebtech by Morley Hum Eliminator

Ashdown ABM EVO-II 500 bass amp head

Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah pedal

Set of Meinl Raker cymbals (14″ hi hats, 18″ crash, 17″ crash, 20″ ride)

Premier Artist Series Brass 14″ snare

EV N/D767 Microphone – slightly rusted top!

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