Rockers Live!

Taunton, a place better known for having a map of its bus network, being the birth place of Jenny Agutter and being mentioned briefly in a Monty Python sketch about by-elections in Minehead, but not for its rock & roll credentials.

However, last night proved that Taunton does have a place for rock and that place is Rockers Live!

An early starting event (but then it was a Sunday), at 8:15pm, with Le Chat Noir on first for half an hour of hellbound rock.

Then there was another band, who I didn’t catch the name of. They seemed like nice young fellows.

Facing Evolution were the last band on and got a good reception from those who hadn’t left. Further proof “local bands” can be every bit as good as those who are signed to one of the big labels.

But by 10:45, it was all over.

I wonder if my head will ever recover from standing next to a PA…

Le Chat Noir

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